As a Christmas gift to Ireland we decided to deliver coal to the banker or politician who the people of Ireland felt deserved it most. Merry Christmas Bertie.

First United Mission.

We did this as a stunt in Downtown Vancouver to make our point.

CardBoard Dreams

Cardboard Dreams are a charity started in Vancouver. I made this video with the director Anthony Redpath. The idea of the site is a hub of information for people who want to help with the homeless issue in Vancouver. We are talking about spreading this idea out to other cities.

RTE Brand Ident

With the HIVE in Dublin and Art & Graft UK

The Stadium 2010 Web Site

For the 17 days of the Winter Olympics 2010, we worked on an official web site to allow people from all over the world to support their country and be a part of the games. The opportunity to be featured at the closing ceremonies of the Olympics was offered as an incentive.

The stadium 2010 Victory Ceremonies

Every day we had a piece of film out there for the world to see. Played at the Victory Ceremonies, people could see how the stadium was building.

The stadium 2010 Closing Ceremony

Played at the closing ceremonies, this video was to celebrate the world being in one place and being able to support their Countries without having to pay ridonkulous amounts of cash to get into the closing ceremonies.

Weak shop case study... Did it work?

Weak shop case study...Yes?

Product: Chair Pants

Take sitting to the next level with Chair Pants! Chair Pants attach easily to any existing pants. A rigid, yet supple polypropylene cup gently cradles your behind. Sturdy carbon fiber rods support up to 1000 pounds (454 kilograms). To activate your Chair Pants simply make a sitting motion. Stand up and the Chair Pants legs fold neatly away. A patented rod hinge allows the Chair Pants legs to hang down when not in use.

Product: Downhill Treadmill

Why run uphill when it’s so much easier to run downhill? If you have a treadmill, you need a Downhill Treadmill Converter! Simply place the patented DTC blocks (made from recycled plastic) beneath the back of your treadmill. It’s easy! It’s fun! And with the patented ‘multi-angle’ blocks you can choose a gentle slope or a steeper slope, depending on how weak you’re feeling. It’s like two Downhill Treadmill Converters in one!

Product: Wallet Walker

Money's enough of a burden without having to carry it.If you have a wallet you need a Wallet Walker. Sturdy nylon straps hold any wallet in place. The Wallet Walker works with any wallet, billfold, money clip or credit card holder. Even purses! That's right ladies, the Wallet Walker is also a purse walker! And it comes with a free lipstick holder attachment. Carrying your wallet is so 1985. Use a Wallet Walker and let the ground carry your wallet for you!

Product: Freedom Strider

If you're feeling a little weaker than normal, the Freedom Strider makes walking effortless. The oversize omni-directional wheels – that means they turn in any direction – allow you to go almost anywhere. Across a parking lot. Down the sidewalk. Through a baseball diamond. You name it, you have the freedom to go there with the Freedom Strider! The patented Ultra Glide suspension ensures your comfort and makes walking a pleasure. Plus you don't have to leave any modern conveniences behind. The Freedom Strider includes a cup holder, cell phone dock and an iPod dock. Order a Freedom Strider now and carry on without carrying your own weight!

Product: Tiny Talker

Sometimes you don’t have the energy to carry on a conversation. Lucky for you there's the Tiny Talker. Each Tiny Talker comes loaded with six pre-recorded snippets of conversation. So while you're catching your breath, the Tiny Talker makes small talk for you – at the press of a button! It’s perfect for conversations on almost any topic. The weather. Sports. Books. Movies. The good old days. The Tiny Talker even works when the conversation turns to politics. Get yours today! Batteries not included.

Product: Towel Clothes

Some days you only have a certain amount of energy. You can take a shower but after drying yourself off you might be too tired to get dressed. What can you do? You can’t go to school or work naked. Have no fear. Get yourself some Towel Clothes! These thick, absorbent clothes dry your body as you get dressed. And the neat tailoring and fashionable designs are perfect for home, school or the office. Choose from Tropical, Beachy Keen and Snappy.

Products: Food Lift

Getting food to your mouth can be hard work. But not with the Food Lift! Simply place your favourite food in the convenient food hopper, turn it on and let the Food Lift do the rest. Now you can enjoy all the foods you love without the chore of using a knife and fork. The Food Lift works with burgers, pizza, lasagna, corn, chicken wings, fish sticks, salad and so much more. Plus the Food Lift is also simple to clean. You can take it apart in seconds, rinse it out with warm soapy water and reassemble it in seconds. It’s that easy! Order your Food Lift online and we’ll include the Super Bib absolutely free. What a deal!

Products: Long Arm Tennis Racquet

Stop wasting your time running after balls that are out of reach. Increase your reach instead, with the Long Arm Tennis Racquet! Tennis can be fun again, even if you’re feeling a little weaker than normal. And the fun doesn’t stop there. Coming Soon! Optional handy attachments for your Long Arm Tennis Racquet allow you to turn off a light switch from across the room. Or dunk a basketball without jumping. Imagine that!

Products: Float Pack

Make hiking a joy again! When your energy is low the last thing you want to do is wear a backpack. But the Float Pack is different. Load whatever you want to carry inside the sturdy ballistic nylon pack. Then inflate the top portion with helium - available at many novelty shops. The patented Helium Cell will take the weight off of your back, making you feel lighter and more energetic. The Float Pack is the backpack that practically carries itself!

Products: Support Hat

Feeling too weak to hold your head up straight?Hold your head high again with the Support Hat! The Support Hat uses space age elastic fibers to give your head the lift it needs. Simply attach the patented Ultra Elastic bungee cord suction cups to any nearby flat surface - such as walls, windows or the ceiling. Then let the Support Hat do the rest! Look energetic and alert without feeling energetic and alert. The Support Hat comes in five designer colours. Collect all five! And with our adjustable cap, one size fits all.

The Weak Shop Food Lift

The Weak Shop Wallet Walker

The Weak Shop Support Hat

The Weak Shop Chairpants

The Weak Shop

10 products for people who don't drink enough milk and could do with a little extra help.

Urban Rush Movers

We just finished this campaign for a moving company here in Vancouver.
Thanks Phil Jarmain and Pual Lang from the very awesome 'The Orange Apple' retouchers.