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Paddys Day Viral

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O2 Email 2008

O2 Games

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TBWA Recruitment

Jameson Film Festival TV

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Energise Sport 1

This is the original one.

Energise Sport 2

Hungerford Hill

A range of dessert wines launched in Australia

McDonalds CD WOW

Dublin Bus

Paddy Power

This is some of the work that I did for the Ryder Cup. Paddy Power were really happy that they hadn't spent any money on sponsorship. Instead they wanted to let everyone know that they had put all the money they'd saved into better odds for their customers.

Gill and McMillian TV

Gill and McMillian

This is a series of revision books for kids in Ireland

Bothar and Dublin Bus

Bothar is a charity that sends support to Africa to help the people there to sustain themselves. Dublin Bus were donating all unclaimed Bus Tickets to the charity. Essentally you can change your bus ticket into trees and animals for them.

Cu Ads

This is for a little brand of Clothes in Ireland called Cu. Cu in Irish means hound and is associated with the Gaelic Games. This dog however has attitude.

Cu Ads 2

Cu Ads

Energise Buildering Demo

This is the demo we used to show the client before making the actual commercial. It features Alan Robert the Human Fly and clips from U2 streets have no name

Energise Buildering

Batchelors Ireland TV